Buy a coffee and help save lives

Readtime 4 : Gerry Suckling : Jul, 22, 2024

Have you ever thought that coffee helped win the COVID-19 battle? Probably not until you read this question! 

We can all relate to the feeling of helplessness during this current COVID-19 Coronavirus crisis. You may have said to yourself; I can't do anything to help, I can't make a difference in this crisis, I'm only one person. 

One person can make a difference, a big difference. 

A Sydney mother felt compelled to try and do something to support the Australian nation's brave healthcare workers on the frontline. After asking a few questions, she came up with the idea of raising funds to buy the frontline healthcare worker a simple cup of good quality coffee!

Hubspot_EDM_NEW_PRODUCT_NurseNow, if you enjoy a good quality coffee as I do, you can understand the difference it made to the weary, hardworking healthcare staff and how they genuinely appreciated this gift. Especially during the long night shifts!

One person with a simple idea has made a positive difference in thousands of peoples lives. Through buying coffee for these hardworking dads and mums, sons and daughters, who are giving their very best to save lives, she made a real difference! Read the full story here.


Intex is determined to help in the COVID-19 battle and is supporting this "Buy Them A Coffee" program. 


$1 of every Intex ProtecX® Sanitiser Spray sold will go to this cause.


So for every five can's of Intex ProtecX® Sanitiser Spray sold, one more hardworking healthcare worker will get a well-deserved coffee. 


Each state of Australia has a separate GoFundMe page which means you are directly supporting your local healthcare workers.

Support the hardworking, healthcare workers in your store now.

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View the "Buy Them A Coffee" GoFundMe pages below to see the positive feedback and response.


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