Work-lights: Why should I buy an LED?

Readtime 3 : Gerry Suckling : Jul, 22, 2024

Lighting is a crucial component in the construction industry as it allows work to be completed on sites that do not have lighting already installed. If you are thinking of purchasing a new work light or replacing the current ones you use, we have compiled some reasons why you should choose LED over the traditional standard bulb lights.

LED lights have a far greater service life than traditional lights. This incredibly long life span is up to 4 times longer than that of fluorescent light. An LED light can last around 100,000 hours, that’s over four years if left on continuously. In comparison, a standard light will last around 25,000 hours. This capacity highlights the substantial difference between the performance of LED lights compared to traditional ones.

Another key difference is that LED lights are highly efficient and consume meager amounts of power. On average, LED lights reduce the energy cost of using them by between 60-75%. That is because LED lights produce more light per unit of power consumed than traditional lights. Furthermore, LED lights do not stop working without warning but rather fail slowly over time, dimming with each use. As such, the chance that you will be caught without light while working is drastically reduced as you are given plenty of warning before the LED light stops working.

A tremendous benefit of LED lights is that they are far more resistant to any rough treatment or drops. That is due to them not containing filaments or glass elements. Therefore, their increased durability and reliability means that using them on the work site makes far more sense as they can withstand drops or knocks without breaking.

In this day and age, the health of the environment is a critical factor in many purchasing decisions. Here it is no different. They do not contain dangerous materials like mercury, nor do they require special disposal at the end of their life, unlike many traditional lights. LED lights do not emit ultraviolet which if exposed over a prolonged period can result in skin and eye problems.

Safety should be high on the list of factors to consider when purchasing a light. Incandescent lights can convert up to 90% of their energy into heat, whereas LED lights do not generate any heat while operating.

As we have highlighted, LED lights are far more durable, convert all their energy into light rather than heat, and require far less energy to power. As a result of this, LED lights have a far superior lifespan all while being tougher and less damaging than traditional lights, not to mention the cost savings they bring and the ease of disposal. These compelling reasons really leave no option but to choose an LED work light for your next purchase.

Intex has a great range of LED lights to suit your work needs. If you’re uncertain of which is the correct one for you, our team will be more than happy to help. Feel free to contact us to find out any answers you may need.